Foxbait makes it into a major Japanese fashion publication and a DJ Enuff interview with Erica Ash of Survivor's Remorse.

We are were so excited to hear the news that FOXBAIT made it into Senken Shimbun a major Japanese fashion business newspaper. So many thanks to Yoko Fujimoto for coming by during the LA Fashion Market and interviewing us for the article. Yoko was able to write about one brand per day of the Emerge/Select trade show and we were lucky enough to be amongst those brands. Even better news, there will be a more detailed piece on Foxbait and it's designers in the next coming weeks!  

Here is a ROUGH translation of OUR PORTION OF THE ARTICLE;

"Made in Los Angeles, California Foxbait debuted at Emerge.  These designs can be worn easy to work and to continue through the evening. Comfort and casual are key, the turtleneck, sweater shirt is unique and I liked the coat that is worn two ways for variety. It is a very unique brand."

We still can not be thankful enough that we got the chance to dress Erica Ash for her Survivor's Remorse season 3 premiere and interviews! Congratulations to Erica and the cast for their much deserved success and here's to much more in the future! Here is some video from her interview with DJ Enuff in NYC. Doesn't she look just amazing in her Fairy dress?

We are gearing up to get our AW/16 collection into the Foxshop and will be having a Spring/ Summer sale starting this Friday July 29, 2016! Stay tuned for more details on the sale and to see what we have in store for the Fall !