Happy (belated) Birthday Alexander McQueen!

Remembering Alexander McQueen on What Would Have Been His 46th Birthday. Yesterday was one of our most favorite prized designers birthdays! Your style and work ethic is something that keeps us motivated and striving to be the best we can be. We hope you had a great birthday! You live within all who love you. RIP We Miss You! 

Foxbait  is a Los Angeles based woman’s
wear brand making comfortable clothing with a sophisticated
twist. Foxbait was created by Los Angeles artists and designers
Camille MacMillan and Matthew Westray to fill a void in
contemporary fashion as well to please consumers who seek
quality and style with out compromising comfort or cost. 
The Foxbait collection offers pieces for the modern polished
 woman who is trend conscious, loves fashion and has the
creativity and style to make anything their own.